Washing Your Car in Winter

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When it is cold and snowy outside, washing your car is the last thing you want to do, however, keeping your car clean in winter is extremely important. Salts and chemicals used on roads to keep them moving cling to your car’s finish and are transferred to its interior on boots and shoes. When the snow clears and the sun shines, you can actually see the residue of salt represented in a white, powdery layer clinging to your car’s finish. That layer of grime is slowly eroding the polish or wax, and, if left to linger, can penetrate to the … Continued

Auto Detailing

Barry’s Auto Body offers complete auto detailing in its eco-friendly, Staten Island shop. Studies show that the average American spends 101 minutes in their car each day. With our busy schedules, it is more likely that some of that time will be spent ordering food at drive through windows and eating in our cars. 57% of Americans use the drive through windows at hamburger establishments. Whether we eat in our cars on the way to our next destination or just transport the food to the house, spills on the carpet and odors in the upholstery are likely to occur. That’s … Continued

Tips on how to wax your vehicle properly

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Tip: When buying an automobile for your children’s first car facts to consider are obviously safety. With safety comes various points. (1) Crash rating – on average the bigger the car or suv the better and more room that the crash can be absorbed – like a sponge- (2) Steering and hand…