Headlight Restoration

Staten Island Headlight Restoration
Just as exposure to weather and airborne particles can cause damage to your vehicles exterior paint finish, so can it damage your headlight lens.  Oxidization causes your headlight lenses to lose their gleam and clarity, reducing the brightness of the headlight. Barry’s Auto Body offers expert headlight restoration service to clients in the New York City, Staten Island and Elizabeth, NJ areas.

Foggy lenses reduce the brightness of your headlight making driving at night dangerous for you and oncoming vehicles. Headlight Restoration is a quick, cost effective solution to keep your vehicle operating safely.

Headlight Restoration at Barry’s Auto Body

Headlight Restoration Staten IslandThe purchase and installation of new headlight lenses can be costly and time consuming. Barry’s Auto Body’s team of certified professionals use the proper tools and equipment to provide Headlight Restoration service that will save you time and money.

Did You Know:

  • A vehicle’s design plays a large role in whether or not its headlight lens will become cloudy.  Certain vehicles are more susceptible to headlight damage than others. .
  • Garage kept vehicles are less likely to sustain headlight oxidation than vehicles which are parked outdoors.
  • Exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, humidity and salt are the primary cause of headlight lens damage.

Experts in Headlight Restorations

Though others offer Headlight Restoration service, not all technicians take the time to properly prepare for the job.  Proper Headlight Restoration requires patience and meticulous attention to detail to avoid scratching the lens.  See below for Barry’s Auto Body’s step by step Headlight Restoration process.

Our Headlight Restoration Process - Click Here

Headlight Restoration Prices

At Barry’s Auto Body, we believe in honest, upfront, and transparent pricing. We perform the following auto body paint and refinishing services:

  • Headlight Restoration (Set of 2): $175


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